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 Commentary Rp for Team Rockers and Iron Haas

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baki hanma


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PostSubject: Commentary Rp for Team Rockers and Iron Haas   Tue Sep 01, 2009 1:39 pm

Sorry I thought the SBW Event will be on wednesday..Ludacris can you put this Rp on the tag team match? thx man ^_^

Commentator 1 : Good Evening Wrestling fans..Your watching again the SBW Tuesday night only here in Sudden Blackout Wrestling...I'm (Commentator 1) and beside me is the ever beautiful (commentator 2)..Good evening (commentator 2) Whats on our "menu" tonight?

Commentator 2 : Well first of all good evening also to you commentator 1 and to all wrestling fans who are watching out there welcome again here in SBW tuesday Night..Now as what you asked about the Menu tonight..First Things First...Another Tag team Preliminary match between the Team Rockers and Team Iron haas...

Commentator 1 : Ooh the French-Mexican Connection Team Rocker versus the mysterious Jp Irons and Haas..This will be interesting right?

Commentator 2 : yes this is an interesting match..both team has young talented wrestlers making their way here in SBW..

Commentator 1 : Well,we can assure you wrestling fans that this fight will be down to the wire..

Commentator 2 :Ok Let's start this match shall we,Let's give it to the announcer...

End Match Rp

Commentator 1 : wow! that was an awesome fight

Commentator 2 : Awesome indeed I was shocked by the result of the match..

Commentator 1 : Yeah me too..Well we should be use to it cause there are still lots of tag team match will will be happening here in SBW..

Commentator 2 :You're right partner..

Commentator 1 : Alright Next fight will be------ after this commercial break
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Commentary Rp for Team Rockers and Iron Haas
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