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The main host for the roster of the SBW Wrestling group. Were we post RP's and gimmicks.
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 Upcoming season

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Chris Owner
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Upcoming season Empty
PostSubject: Upcoming season   Upcoming season Icon_minitimeThu Sep 10, 2009 3:45 am

I came to this federation for 1 main reason. To help a local fed become reconized. So with that in mind. I have a few plans that will make the show better.

1. Make at least 2 rp's per week. We will pick the best one.
2. Make invitationals and get other fed members to face you. Inv=fans.
3. Get new match types. Matches in TWG= Matches for SBW.
4. Start a fued with someone around your lvl. Rivalrys= Special matches
5. Get to know what show your on.
Right now I'm trying to talk Xenu into getting a real split roster and the last FNF of the season we have a draft.
6. Plan ahead. We have 4 SBW and 4 FNF. Hopefully the last 2 of those will be some kind of special event, PPV and a draft.
7. RP as much as possible. The VGM's (at least me) will add in RP's for people who don't but at the end of their contract don't think your going to get signed.
8. Low contracts mean more matches. Each week we get a certain amount of money based on our fans. The more money we get the closer we get to getting a new match. If your contract is high then it will take us longer to get that new match.
9. Tag teams or stables. We need to make several SBW tag teams and stables. Those will not get split up by the draft or if so very unlikely.

If you have a problem with any of these respond (do so and your fired( just playing with you guys(or am I) I'm going to fire all of you) Just playing I can't do that) Or can I)?
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Upcoming season
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