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 Wrestler profile: Tetsuo

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Wrestler profile: Tetsuo Empty
PostSubject: Wrestler profile: Tetsuo   Wrestler profile: Tetsuo Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 2:06 pm

Name: Tetsuo
Sex: Male
Wrestler profile: Tetsuo Tetsuo10
Wrestler profile: Tetsuo Tetsuo11
Gimmick: At a young age Tetsuo was attacked by a vagrant armed with a metal pipe. A fragment of the pipe has been lodged in his skull ever since, making him mentally unstable. Despised by society for his strange appearance, tortured by unending headaches, he prefers the solitude of his junkyard...except for the fact his girlfriend Kei always manipulates him into attacking others for her amusement. When he is not wrestling Tetsuo is obsessed with surgically implanting pieces of metal into his body.
Heel or Face: Heel
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Wrestler profile: Tetsuo
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