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The main host for the roster of the SBW Wrestling group. Were we post RP's and gimmicks.
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 Satriani Arrives

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Edward M. Satriani

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PostSubject: Satriani Arrives   Satriani Arrives Icon_minitimeSat Sep 26, 2009 5:54 am

Satriani walks into the corridor. Nurse Melinda is close behind. They walk up to a sleeping Security Guard who is at the door of the SBW Arena. Satriani tries to wake the guard by tapping him on the shoulder. When he does not stir, Satriani turns and smiles at Nurse Melinda. Satriani then calls out to the Guard.
Satriani: Yo! Ugly!
The Guard stirs and tries to awaken himself. Satriani stops him by putting a hand on his shoulder.
Satriani: No need to get up. We'll help you.
[i]Satriani then gives the guard a karate kick to his head. The guard falls off the chair, Satriani takes the chair and hits the Guard over the head with it. While the guard is down, Satriani drives the chair onto him several times. Satriani then picks up the small table and drives into an unconscious Guard. Satriani then gets into the face of the Guard.
Satriani: No need to thank me, the pleasure was all yours. You can take that to the bank from E....M....S.
[i]Satriani exits stage left. Nurse Melinda spits in the Guard's face, and follows Satriani off screen.
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Satriani Arrives
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