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The main host for the roster of the SBW Wrestling group. Were we post RP's and gimmicks.
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 Friday Night Fever RolePlaying

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Friday Night Fever RolePlaying Empty
PostSubject: Friday Night Fever RolePlaying   Friday Night Fever RolePlaying Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 11:33 pm

Ok now I noticed that we are getting close to being deleted. I will repeat. WE ARE CLOSE TO BEING DELETED. This is becuase of the absents of me and Lord Xenu, for example. The upcoming SBW: Tuesday has 1 promo in it, at the moment I did this post. The upcoming FnF, has 5 promos, including the opening and closing. And it has 7 out of the 10 matches. So if everyone can rp right now. I don't care if you just made one make another one. To even get close to getting promoted, we need about 20 promo's a week. Right now you guys are giving me about 8 or 9 for both shows. I make an aditional 4 for both shows, except for the draft. At the draft I do every promo. So if everyone can rp right now as many times as you can. I'm going to try and get Lord Xenu to make a Backstage, Parking Lot, Ring section for FnF and SBW so I know who wants to rp for what.
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Friday Night Fever RolePlaying
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