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 FNF Reaction

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baki hanma

baki hanma

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PostSubject: FNF Reaction   FNF Reaction Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 6:02 am

Baki Hanma sits infront as he prepares himself to answer the question of SBW reporters about what can He say on last nights match

Reporter 1 : Mr Hanma what is your assessment about last nights match?

Baki: Last nights match was just mediocre for me (lol just rp xenu..actually its great..lot's of mismatch..I liked it =p)..even my fight..damn I didn't even had a hard time beating that Richie Da Horsie..(snsya na kababayan, RP lang ^_^)..

Baki Then laughs Sarcastically

Reporter 2 : Now that you already had your conditioning match before your fight against Bollo, what will be your next plan??

Baki Hanma : I think Xenu is already making arrangement for my fight against Bollo..And I already made a message to Bollo that I want to challenge him(Baki is referring to the parking lot incident) but I'm Planning To do Training routines again this week..Let's see what will happen next.

Reporter 3 : What can you tell about not having fans in this Fed..

Baki : How many times I told you that I don't care about those useless sh*ts...All I care is that I want to be the strongest.!!!

Baki looks irritated about the question of the last reporter and left the conference room..

Reporters : Mr Baki..Mr Baki wait we still have questions..

The reporters look at each other as Baki left the Room

Commercial Break
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PostSubject: Re: FNF Reaction   FNF Reaction Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 6:53 pm

OOC:(isnt the "I dont care for my fans"-Thing my gimmick???BTW: Isnt it ironic i got +10 Fan boost after FnF Very Happy)

*Christian "ThePlayer" Huebl just walks out of his locker room as a reporter arrives to ask him a few questions about his match at FnF*
[color=cyan]Reporter: You said at Friday Night Fever no one in this arena could beat you. But you kinda lost your match against Willkill. What do you say?

TP(calm): Well I have to say, I wasnt really prepared for that match. Thinking back to that day I should have slept and not done party. At that day I was tired...
R: So you didnt sleep ? Sounds for me like a lame excuse. And now did your big mouth got closed by Willkills fist?
TP(aggresive): What do you mean?
R: Well. Will you walk there out again and shout at your fans "I dont care for you!". Or have you finally understood you need them?
TP: I dont need anyone. Not a Team-Partner, not a stable,not the GM to help me out. *ThePlayer walks to the camera and Points at the Lens,as he would point at the fans* And most likely: I DONT NEED YOU!!!
*ThePlayer walks away*

*The reporter follows Christian Huebl*
R: Wait Mr. Player...

TP: I once told you. I AM THEPLAYER *Forces the Reporter in a DDT-Clutch, slams his knee into him and does a Neck Breaker executing a destroying Wicked Mind Destructor* This should kepp you that in mind...*ThePlayer continues to walk down the floor as the Reporter lies on the ground Knocked Out*
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FNF Reaction
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