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The main host for the roster of the SBW Wrestling group. Were we post RP's and gimmicks.
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 Jose Mustaine,The Metalhead

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PostSubject: Jose Mustaine,The Metalhead   Jose Mustaine,The Metalhead Icon_minitimeSat Aug 22, 2009 11:40 pm

Name:Jose Mustaine
Bio:Jose Mustaine was raised on an urban Mexican city near the Mexico-United States border.When he became 15,their fathers were murdered and he went to United States to find work and a home.He was a fan of Metal music,but sadly he had no instruments,so he dedicated his life to other of his passions,wrestling.His true name when he get to US due to legal resources.
Appearance:Jose Mustaine,The Metalhead Dave_mustaine1
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Jose Mustaine,The Metalhead
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